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Newgrounds has no taste

2007-12-13 15:25:41 by Sythec

Half of the quality gets overlooked, and a majority of the "Smeh" gets BIG UPs. Nothing personal, just a flaming observation.

Newgrounds has no taste


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2007-12-13 17:21:18

Why are you a level one?


2007-12-14 03:05:40

"Why are you a level one?"

Why are you mentally retarded jordan10la? Did your mother drop you on the head as an infant - which must have not been too long ago.

In any case, I completely agree with you sythec.

Sythec responds:

wait, why am I lvl one anyways?> I leave comments, and produce... Frankly I dont give a damn, but for curiosity's sake.


2007-12-24 13:13:29

It's true.