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Yeah. Post is post.

2008-07-22 22:56:21 by Sythec

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2008-08-09 05:17:56

deep dub step...stylezorz

go look up the -essential mix- from -skream- that's that hardcore stuf
2 hour long mix


2008-10-21 00:30:24

Uh, cool picture in the vid. Kinda not liking the song.

But I guess I should check your profile and also say that everything in Colored Henge is good. I'm a music person. I wish to create music as a future project.

But you're cool, man. I just hope you make something awesome that can make it into the Top 5, Front Page or Top 50. Wish ya luck, yo.


2008-11-16 17:35:18

complete mindfuck.


2011-06-16 01:09:11

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